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          寧波邁拓斯數控機械有限公司成立于 1996 年,公司位于寧??h寧波南部濱海新區,現有有一鳴數控邁拓斯精機兩大精品機床品牌,公司建筑面積 12000 平方米,擁有生產 1500 臺數控機床的生產基地,主要研發生產,5 軸聯動加工中心,5 軸(3 2) 加工中心,龍門加工中心 , 模具高速銑,數控雕銑機,立式加工中心,鉆銑中心,陶瓷雕刻機以及石墨專用機等。公司與日本 FANUC,德國西門子,德國海德漢等機床系統及部件供應商保持長期交流及合作,所產 5 軸加工中心廣泛應用于模具制造,航空航天,船舶制造等領域,廣受國內外客戶的好評。 公司通過 ISO-9001-2000 質量體系認證,全系列機床采用先進理念設計,嚴格對各類零部件進行有效的有限元分析,對精加工完成零件進行有效的三坐標檢測保證其尺寸精度;所有產品均采用零部件,保證產品的質量及其精度。

          公司在全國各大中小城市設有多個辦事處,分布有完善的售前及售后服務體系,以保證客戶的正常使用。公司通過 CE認證,產品遠銷東南亞及歐洲等國家。品質是企業生存的基礎,誠信是企業發展的根本,客戶的滿意是企業前進的動力,邁拓斯本著精心創造,用心服務的經營理念,以質量贏得市場,以品牌走向世界的發展態度,致力于生產數控機床。

          Founded In 1996, Is Located In Ningbo South Coastal New Region,Ninghai County. Now Owning Two High-Quality Brands “Yiming Cnc” And “Maxtors Precision Machine”. Cover An Area Of 12,000 Square Meters, Has Production Base Of Producing More Than 1,500 Sets Cnc Machines Per Year, Mainly R & D And Produce Gantry Machining Center, Mold High-Speed Milling Machine, Cnc Engraving And Milling 

          Machine, Vertical Machining Center,Drilling And Tapping Center, Ceramic Engraving Machine And Graphite Machining Machine And So On. Since 2013, Started To Develop And Produce 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining Centers, 5-Axis (3 2) Machining Centers, Maintains Long-Term Exchanges 

          And Cooperation With Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain And Others Machines Cnc Controller & Components Suppliers. The 5-Axis Machining Centers We Produced Are Widely Used In Manufacturing Of Mold,Aerospace, Ships And Boats,And Other Fields, Widely Praised By Customers At Home And 

          Abroad. Ningbo Maxtors Cnc Machinery Co.,Ltd. Is Located In The Beautiful Coastal City-Ninghai, On The Eastern Coast Of Zhejiang Province, Between Xiangshan Port And Sanmen Bay, Where The Tiantai And Siming Mountains Meet, A County Of Ningbo, One Of The First Batch Of Coastal Open Areas City Which Is The Municipalities With Independent Planning Status Under The National Social And Economic 

          Development Approved By State Council. Maxtors Cnc Our company have passed the ISO-9001-2000 quality system certification, full range of our machines designed according to international advanced concept, strict effective finite element analysis of various types of parts and components, an effective three-dimensional detection of finished parts of fine machining to ensure its dimensional accuracy; All products use international renowned brand parts and components to ensure product quality and accuracy. Our company has 18 branch offices in China, with perfect pre-sales and after-sales service 

          systems to ensure the normal use of customers. Our products have passed CE certification and the products are exported to Southeast Asia,Europe and others countries, Quality is the foundation for business survival. Integrity is base for business development. Customer satisfaction is the driving force for the company's advancement. Maxtors abides by the business philosophy of “Meticulous Creation 

          & Whole-hearted Service”, and development attitude of “Strives to win the market by quality, Towards to the world by brand” ,committed to producing worldclass CNC machines.


          地址:浙江省寧??h力洋鎮毛嶼大橋東 傳真:0574-65105718
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